EDU130 Summer School Day 3

Voice Projection Workshop Class Notes

A really useful workshop with Cheryl about voice projection. Anyone who knows me will tell you I can be a bit if a mumbler at the best of times. And as I identified at the very start of the PGCHE I can struggle with confidence in front of large groups.

Cheryl used various TED talk examples to demonstrate what presentation strategies are more successful and shared the TED commandments with us. They are…

  • Thou shalt be the real you
  • Thou shalt be play to thy greatest strengths
  • Thou shalt connect with thy audience; emotional (sharing something of you),  novel (teach me something new), memorable
  • Thou shalt write thy words with a copywriter’s pen; to the point, don’t go off topic, tell them a story
  • Thou shalt speak simple compelling truths; tell them what you are going tell them, tell them, tell them what you have told them. Be honest.
  • Thou shalt begin and end with greatness; power pose, performed
  • Thou shalt harken to thy voice
  • Thou shalt delight thy audience; tell them something they won’t know, humour
  • Thou shalt worship beautiful images; minimal text

I have yet had the opportunity to employ these rules within any presentations or teaching but they are something I will keep hold of and bear in mind when I am next teaching large groups.

Here is Sir Ken Robinson with ‘Do Schools Kill Creativity?’



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