EDU130 Summer School Day 2

This morning we visited Falmouth School and were given a talk and tour by Dr Fox, Head of Falmouth Sixth Form. He discussed the how the sixth form at Falmouth School prepare students for the transition to HE. Of particular interest was the Extended Project Qualification or EPQ, which is a self motivated and self directed research/study project about a subject of the students choice, which they have an interest in. The project culminates in a written report (approx. 5000 words), presentation, performance or artefact.

The project rewards students with additional UCAS points, but more importantly from and HE point of view it encourages students to learn independently and improve a variety of skills including critical thinking, research, presentation and problem solving – essential attributes for studying on a degree programme.

In the afternoon we headed over to Welling Terrace, Falmouth’s Art Foundation studios. Sarah introduced us to some drawing exercises that the Foundation course team deliver to students within the first few weeks of the course. One of the exercises that was of particular interest was that we had to swap drawings with each other and work back over the top of someone else drawing. This is something I have done several times as an art student, and used on a few occasions in my old outreach job teaching school kids. However I would like to consider if this approach could be utilised on Crafts in a 3D context, cutting and reassembling each others work – it would work well with paper maquettes or clay and wax models. I think this encourages students to be less precious about their work, and would fulfil some of my objectives of integrating more group activities. Here are a few of our drawings…


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