Assignment 6 – Critical Evaluation of Professional Practice

This task required us to individually write a critically reflect review of the key themes emerging from our Professional Practice Group Presentations.

Rather than recite what the group presented which is summarised in Profesional Practice Presentation Notes I wanted to expand on the idea of generic professionalism skills, a term used by Katz (2000) and the QAA (2008) to define the transferable/soft skills and behaviours of the competent professional.

What became apparent from watching the other presentations was how differently the brief was interpreted by other groups. Two prominent themes started to materialise. Some groups focused on the professionalism of the teacher, whilst others focused more on teaching students to be professional. In this assignment I suggest that the two are not mutually exclusive, and to install values of professionalism into our students, as teachers we have to also conduct ourselves professionally.

I also considered what constitutes a professional Craft practitioner. What is expected of our graduates within the industry and academia, and how I could modify my teaching practice to reflect the demands of a professional making career.

Reflecting on the original nine generic skills that Claire, Jo and I presented, I concluded that the list is by no means definitive, and those skills may be required in any permutation or order of importance depending in the professional context.

Here is the essay…

Assignment 6 – Critical Evaluation of Professional Practice



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