Subject knowledge…

At this time of year timetabled taught sessions are very slim on the ground, instead our level 2 and 3 students are very busy preparing their work for assessment and degree shows. Therefore I thought I would share some of the other ways that I support student learning. When I am not delivering taught sessions, I am a constant point of contact for students that need practical support and technical advice and guidance.

Together, students and I tackle some quite complex technical problems. I often have to get creative with the use of tools and machinery to realise the students ideas, drawing on my subject knowledge and technical expertise. Here is an example of such an activity. Sarah has cast a large black glass ring as part of her degree show project. She wanted to get the top really flat, but none of grinding machines or hand processes could realistically achieve this. Therefore, I used a turntable and raised the blade on the diamond saw to skim small amounts off of the glass.


Not only does this demonstrate my subject knowledge, but it I think it encourages students to develop and ability to solve problems creative and tackle problems head on.


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