Assignment 5 – Critical Evaluation of Inclusive Teaching

Assignment 5 encouraged us to critically evaluate our individual teaching practices within the context of inclusivity and accessibility.

I identified anxiety and apprehension as an issue in workshops and technical learning environments. Any triggers of anxiety are often made worse by the inherent physical characteristic of workshops; e.g. unfamiliar equipment, large noisy machinery and tools, and risks of injury. Students with anxiety will often exhibit safety behaviours including avoidance of the technical process and workshops altogether. I considered how I could modify my teaching practices to make students feel more comfortable in workshop environments and technical classes. I studied the pedagogic concept of Universal Design for Learning – a framework developed by the Centre for Applied Special Technology (CAST). It suggests that if learning and teaching activities are designed for those in the margins it will work for everyone. The give an example of an accessible building, access ramps are designed for this with mobility problems, yet they are also used by parents with push chairs, the elderly, or cyclists. This video sums up the principals of UDL…

Little can be done about the physical characteristics of workshops, rather I considered how I might be able to develop my teaching practices to improve students’ confidence using machinery and engaging with technical process. I concluded that employing the pedagogical principles of flipped classroom would allow more teacher-student contact time to address confidence issues. Whilst the use of instructional videos posted online will provide a greater variety of learning resources for students with differing learning preferences – also they can be accessed anytime, anywhere and be viewed multiple times. I discussed flipped classroom in more depth in this blog post.

Assignment 5 – Critical Evaluation of Inclusive Teaching

Assignment 5 Notes



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