Assignment 4 – Part 1

The task

Assignment 4 encouraged us to critically engage with issues about employability within our own teaching practices. The first part of the task required us to submit a 750 word online forum discussion post exploring themes of employability within our own subject specialism.

My contribution…

Employability statistics were cited by Senior Management as a contributing factor to the decision to close BA(Hons) Contemporary Crafts at Falmouth. Therefore within the context of the cessation of Crafts, I wanted to investigate how we could better prepare students for careers as designers, makers and artists.

Due to the pressure on liberal arts courses to meet employability stats generated from the Destination of Leavers from HE (DLHE) survey, many courses are championing transferable skills and alternative career paths in the creative industries. However I want to consider how we can create more opportunities for students to pursue careers as artist – what about students that chose to study an arts degree because they want to be an artist!

The short essay discusses the professional practice unit, currently delivered in level 3, and how I think it could be improved by integrating issues of employability and professional practice from the outset alongside studio practice. I refer to an industry mentor scheme currently running on the Interior Design course at Falmouth, and how a similar model would support Craft students in their pursuit of a professional making career. And finally I proposed a graduate workshop access scheme, that gives our alumni access to our specialist workshop facilities at a reduced rates. I gave an example of a similar scheme at Plymouth College of Art. I am going to investigate this theme further in my visual contribution.

Here is my 750 words…

Assignment 4 – Part 1

And my notes…

Assignment 4 Notes


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