Assignment 2 – Critical Evaluation of Assessment and Feedback

The Task

The second assignment was a 1500 word critical reflection on the role of assessment and feedback within my current teaching practice. With the help of an assessment cycle grid I analysed and evaluated an assessed teaching and learning activity within the context of the course syllabus, engaging with pedagogic literature, QAA guidelines, course documents and student feedback.


As identified in my UKPSF initial profile and statement, I had little knowledge or understanding of assessment and feedback methods prior to the PGCHE; it was an area of my practice that required development and evidencing.

As a Senior Technician I deliver plenty of teaching and offer lots learning support to students; the majority of students have more contact time with technical staff than they do with academic staff. Yet, technicians do not contribute to formal summative assessment. Therefore I approached Assignment 2 with a bit of trepidation as I did’t know what I was going to write about.

However through class activities, reading and critical reflection it became apparent that I do assess students progress and ability, and give informal, continuous verbal feedback. This is called formative assessment.

Assignment 2 has heightened my awareness of assessment practices in Higher Education, and helped me better understand how I give feedback to students. I has also highlighted some areas for improvement and modifications to my teaching practice. This includes; scheduling more opportunities for formative assessment and feedback during taught sessions – checking for/measuring understanding during lessons through student centred, participatory activities. Where appropriate, formalising feedback through the use of feedback tutorial record forms. And, encouraging more student centred feedback – self and peer evaluation.


Here is the assignment and preparatory notes.

Assignment 2 – Critical Evaluation of Assessment and Feedback

Assignment 2 notes


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