Using and Responding to Feedback, Rob Gofton

A short session preceding some Microteaches…

Rob Gofton, CEO of FXU, Falmouth and Exeter’s Student Union delivered a short presentation and discussion using and responding to student feedback.

Rob introduced the NUS Assessment and Feedback Benchmarking Tool; a publicly available resource for university teachers.

NUS Assessment and feedback benchmarking exercise

Trends within NSS results show that UK universities are consistently underperforming within the area of assessment and feedback. With a view to increasing student satisfaction in this area, the NUS developed the Assessment and Feedback Benchmarking Tool. The document focuses on ten principles of effective feedback, and offers practical advice and guidance on how institutions can initiate, develop, refine and acheive best practice within each principle.

The ten principles tend to be more aligned to summative assessment and feedback – as a technician I only practice formative methods of assessment and feedback. Principle nine considers how formative feedback can be successfully integrated into programmes of study.

Formative feedback is considered holistically as part of students’ personal development. There are opportunities for students to design their own formative exercises, in which criteria are linked to learning outcomes. (NUS)

Here are a few additional class notes:

Using and Responding to Feedback, Rob Gofton CEO FXU – Class Notes

Even Phil Race approves…


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