Teaching Observation One

The first of three teaching observations…

The participatory workshop introduced level two students to a new intermediate level mould making technique for glass casting, building on processes learnt in level one.

Below are copies of the comments and feedback from PGHCE tutor, Sarah Hayes and my lesson plan.

Peer Observation of Teaching Form – Joshua Kerley

Yan Hein Workshop Lesson Plan

The main theme of Sarah’s feedback was to try and engage the students more in the spoken/demonstration part of the workshop. This included giving more time to check for understanding and tasking the students with discussing the objects they had been asked to bring with them.

I couldn’t agree more with Sarah’s comments. Although participatory practical elements come later in the session, there is a fair amount of spoken delivery and demonstration at the start as I explain the process. This is a format that I use regularly when teaching new technical processes. On reflection breaking up portions of spoken delivery with student focused activities would be a more stimulating and experiential way of  achieving the same set of learning outcomes, whilst catering to a wider variety of learning styles.

This all amounts to a more student centred, holistic approach to my teaching, which I have identified as a key development and improvement to my UKPSF initial profile and statement.

Positive comments included, prep and planning, rapport with students and use of teaching aids.

Although initially daunting, the experience of being observed has been really valuable; being observed and observing gives teachers a platform to share ideas and best practice.

More reflections on the all of the teaching observations can be seen in Assignment 7.


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