Assignment 1 – Academic Practice Exercise

The Task

Our first written Assignment of the PGCHE was split into two parts. A 500 word online discussion followed by a 1000 word academic practice exercise.

The 500 word online discussion was essentially a literature review of a educational journal article, of our choice, that somehow relates to our practice. Once submitted the group were then given a week to comment and feedback on the cohorts submission. The exercise proved a useful tool as it allow the group to share ideas, research and best practice – particularly those within similar teaching disciplines.

The initial 500 words and online discussion was followed by a final 1000 word written assignment expanding on the ideas discussed in part 1 and incorporating further pedagogic literature and feedback from peers and tutors.


As a first assignment the task was quite a challenge. Initially I was a bit baffled by the brief, the two parts threw me slightly, and there was quite a lot to shoe horn into quite a short assignment. Reviewing the literature in relation to my practice, trying to evidence the descriptors of the UKPSF and including additional relevant pedagogic theory. Also I haven’t completed any academic writing since my undergrad dissertation, nearly 5 years ago.

However having once the first 500 words was submitted, I got stuck into the online discussion, the opportunity to give and receive feedback on our assignments and share pedagogic ideas and introduce peers to new literature was really useful. I felt really engaged

The second piece of writing then flowed quite freely, and it gave me the chance to incorporate some fundamental pedagogic theory in addition to Pöllänen’s ideas addressed in the article. E.g. Deep vs. surface learning and constructive alignment (Biggs and Tang 2011).

The task helped me identify some of the key areas for development/improvement to my teaching practice as per the UKPSF descriptors. Namely to facilitate an more student centred approached to learning and teaching.


Here are the various documents from the assignment including the journal article, both parts of the assignment and notes.

Contextualising Craft – Pedagogical Models for Craft Education

PÖLLÄNEN, S., 2009. Contextualising Craft: Pedagogical Models for Craft Education. International Journal of Art & Design Education, 28(3), pp. 249-260.

Assignment 1- Part 1, Joshua Kerley

Assignment 1- Part 2, Joshua Kerley

Assignment 1 notes


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