Assignment 1 – Online Wiki Discussion

Online Wiki Discussion: Evaluating Modes of Delivery

Just one week into the PGCHE, and we had a contactless session. The group were asked to contributed to an online wiki, discussing the advantages, disadvantages and keys to success of various modes of delivery within the creative HE sector. The task posed a few challenges. As a Senior Technician I do not deliver lectures, seminars or tutorials in the traditional sense. I deliver technical demonstrations, inductions, participatory workshops and lots and lots of one on one ad-hoc technical support. Fortunately the PGCHE course team were one step ahead and had given opportunities for the group to input new teaching activities into the Wiki.

The use of an online/blended approach to learning was a fairly new learning experience for me. There were some pros and cons. I found the technical functionality of the wiki a bit hit and miss. It could do with a bit of refinement, e.g. formatting. Also as a discussion tool I don’t think it worked that well – since contributing to the Wiki I haven’t revisited the site, hence I have not been able to review other students comments. Also we have yet to discuss the task in class. So at the moment it feels a bit like an individual assignment opposed to a shared activity. However I did appreciate the opportunity to complete the task in my own time, a clear advantage of online/distance learning.

The actual task; evaluating and reflecting on modes of delivery within the context of my own practice was really helpful. It allowed me to clarify what content I deliver and how I deliver it. It has also highlighted areas for improvement and development. For example, on reflection I have realised I do facilitate tutorials, but they are informal and not scheduled. Students will approach me and ask to discuss how realise their ideas technically, and we sit down and chat. Nothing is officially recorded, other than a few sketches perhaps. It has made me think, how I can I formalise and evidence these occurrences? Do I initialise formal timetabled technical tutorials and/or document tutorials officially using record sheets in line with academic staff? Some food for thought…

Here is my preparatory document for the online Wiki: Online Wiki Discussion – Evaluating Modes of Delivery


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