Nine Characteristics of a Great Teacher

Today was the first (introductory) session of the PGCHE. Lots of info to digest, however I can already see that this is going to be of huge benefit to my teaching.

This journal article by Maria Orlando, ‘Nine Characteristics of a Great Teacher’ provides a Concise and accurate, yet not exhaustive, overview of the most important attributes that define a great teacher.

The class were set a group exercise to analyse and expand upon the 9 characteristics. Groups discussed the article and their own personal approaches to teaching. Thoughts and ideas were documented using the good old reliable flip chart paper and chunky felt pens.

Number five is particularly pertinent to my own teaching practice. Orlando makes a very important observation. A great teacher should develop and expand their teaching practice as well their knowledge of their subject discipline. A teacher may be a leading expert within their own creative practice however if they do not have the necessary skills, ability and passion to successfully transfer that knowledge to students, can they be considered a great teacher?

I am continually expanding my technical skill set within the discipline of kiln formed glass, both directly and indirectly. Part of my job is to facilitate and support students, testing new and experimental techniques, consequently my knowledge base in this area is constantly growing.

Improving and developing my teaching practice is less inherent to my role, hence the PGCHE. I hope the course will me give greater confidence in my own ability and the tools to continually develop my practice and become a better teacher.

Shift Gears, Collaboration, Professionalism
Shift Gears, Collaboration, Professionalism
Respect, Community, Accessibility
Respect, Community, Accessibility
High Expectations, Love of Learning, Leader
High Expectations, Love of Learning, Leader

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